Scientific program (PDF)

Informations have been updated on 12 June 2015...

Session I—Towards the Bioeconomy

 Keynote Speaker: Laurence Tubiana (Fr)—"Agriculture and climate change"

 Keynote Speaker: Uwe R. Fritsche (DE)—"Sustainability criteria and indicators for biorefineries as part of the biobased economy - results from EU FP7 S2Biom project ongoing research"

Session II—Biorefining value chains for commodity and specialty products (food, feed, fuel, chemicals and materials)

 Keynote Speaker: Peter Bolt (NE)—"Split processing of cassava in Sub-Saharan Africa with DADTCOTM’s AMPU technology"

 Plenary lecture: Jean-Luc Dubois (FR)—"Arkema’s plant-based factories and Biobased products"

Session III—Optimized processes

 Keynote Speaker: Rintu Banerjee (IN)—"Pilot Plant Studies of Non-Lignocellulosics to bioethanol: an enzymatic ventures"

 Plenary lecture: Carol Lin (HK)—"Integrating Green Chemistry Principles Into the Development of Food Waste Valorization for Sustainable Chemistry"

Session IV—Public acceptance and sustainability of biorefinery systems

 Plenary lecture: Ella Jamsin (UK)—"Exploring the role of biomass in a circular economy"

 Plenary lecture: Istvan Kenyeres (HU)—"New Organs of the Urban Circularity: Functions, Forms and the Culture of Integrated Infrastructure Hubs to Close the Metabolic Loops in the City"

Conclusive debate on how to develop the bioeconomy and overcome barriers

 Plenary lecture: Johan Sanders (NE)—"Biorefinery, shaping the technological and economic tools for synergy between food and fuel and materials"

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